Which betting shops have Lucky Jet - official sites

Lucky Jet is an online game that quickly became so popular that players who hear about it look for it literally everywhere. At the same time, due to dishonest craftsmen, as well as due to the similarity of the name with another online game, those who like to try their luck often remain disappointed. In this article, we will tell you which bookmakers have Lucky Jet and what the sites that claim that this is the official page of the game actually are.


Bookmakers and online casinos where you can find the game Lucky Jet

With the most careful analysis of the search results, you can find many different sites that will give you links to the Lucky Jet game in four gambling sites:

  • 1win - 1win;
  • Pin Up - Pin up;
  • Parimatch - Parimatch;
  • Cosmolot - Cosmolot.

You would think that the game Lucky Jet is really present in all these online establishments. But in reality this is not true. Even if you register on each of the above sites, you will only find the Lucky Jet game on the site at 1win.

Therefore, we remember where to play Lucky Jet. This slot machine is developed by BC 1win. Accordingly, today, you can find it only on the website of this institution. In all other cases, you are simply slipped affiliate links to other casinos.

Official sites of Lucky Jet casino

In addition to review sites where you can bet on Lucky Jet, you can also search for “official sites” featuring the Lucky Jet game. Many people think that this is true and that you can play Lucky Jet on such sites. But this is a myth. In fact, these are just sites with reviews of the game. And if you click on any link, you will be taken to the 1win website. More precisely, on the page with this game on the site 1vin.

But be careful. Due to the high popularity of the game, Internet sites began to come across where, under the guise of the Lucky Jet casino game, users are offered to download completely different software. At its best, it’s a well-known game player. And at worst, malware. As a result, people have a superstition that the Lucky Jet bookmaker is a scam. Although it is not. This can be seen if you download the Lucky Jet game exclusively at the 1win online casino.

In addition, it is quite possible that a fake Lucky Jet casino slot machine will appear soon. You can already meet orders on freelance exchanges, about the creation of not a similar game, but an exact copy of Lucky Jet. Therefore, do not fall for such tricks. Play only on the official website of the game Lucky Jet.

Play Lucky Jet Online

Analogues of Lucky Jet casino in other bookmakers

We figured out which bookmakers have Lucky Jet. But do not be upset, because the online game Lucky Jet belongs to crash games, which are actually quite a lot. These are Aviator, JetX, Bayraktar and more. There are already more than 40 of them. Almost all of them are available both in 1win and on other sites. At the same time, they are also very interesting and it is definitely worth trying to bet on real money in them. The main thing to remember is that Lucky Jet is only for 1 win and do not confuse this game with other crash games that have a similar name.

For example, due to the similarity of the name, an opinion appeared on the Internet that Lucky Jet from 1win is a game from the well-known provider Gaming Corps. But this is just another myth that was created by not very attentive authors. Game provider Gaming Corps is called “Jet Lucky”. Moreover, the provider has already released 2 games of this series, “Jet Lucky” and “Jet Lucky 2”.

Partly for the same reason, some sites, answering the question of where to play Lucky Jet, give a link to Jet Lucky. Which is wrong and hopefully not intentional. Therefore, the authors of such links will correct this defect. After all, no one is pleased to expect one game, to see a completely different one.

Which betting shops have Lucky Jet?

An online game in the style of crash games Lucky Jet is developed by 1win and is currently only available on the 1win betting site. If they tell you which bookmaker has Lucky Jet and at the same time they name other online casinos or bookmakers, then they are most likely trying to deceive you, or they have confused this game with another that has a similar name.

Why do other sites tell lies about which betting shops have Lucky Jet?

It's all about the huge popularity of the game. The more popular the game, the more willing to make a profit. They especially like to earn real money on gullible simpletons. Therefore, they tell you which betting shops have Lucky Jet, but in fact, instead of a real game, they can slip links to third-party resources or even other programs, under the guise of a Lucky Jet game. So always check the links you are offered to follow.

Where else can I find out which bookmakers have Lucky Jet?

After reviewing more than a hundred sites, we can conclude that only we can find out which bookmakers have Lucky Jet. Absolutely all sites only provide links to various bookmakers, saying that there is this online game. So you can really find out where the Lucky Jet game is, only here.

When will Lucky Jet's betting shops be updated?

Since this site is entirely dedicated to the Lucky Jet game, we're keeping a close eye on what's going on with this game. Therefore, if suddenly this game appears in other online casinos or bookmakers, we will immediately update the data. After that, we will provide you with a complete list of which bookmakers have Lucky Jet. So keep this page bookmarked and check back periodically to stay up to date with the latest changes.