Lucky Jet 1win - what strategies can you use to win?

Game Lucky Jet is actively gaining the attention of players around the world, so more and more often you can meet questions whether it is really possible to win here and how to do it do? Or does it all depend solely on the luck and sensitivity of the player? While researching about Lucky Jet 1win reviews, we realized that opinions were divided. Some say it’s real, others say it’s not. Therefore, we decided to consider several popular algorithms and strategies ourselves in order to confirm or refute these statements.


As the popularity of the game Lucky Jet 1win grows, more and more different strategies, signals and even programs like 1win Lucky Jet Hack appear, which, according to the authors, help to win. But we will focus only on strategies. To do this, we at Lucky Jet check the 1win algorithms and strategies that are in the greatest demand. As a result, we chose 2 strategies to check which one really works.

«Castle» for Lucky Jet 1win

Since the LuckyJet 1win game has the ability to make two bets at once, some players almost immediately began to use the “Castle” strategy, which almost always makes a profit. The essence of the strategy is surprisingly simple and consists of only 2 points:

  1. Make two bets at the same time in the game Lucky Jet 1win, one for 1000 rubles, the second for 100 rubles.
  2. Withdraw the first bet at a coefficient of 1.2, and wait for a higher coefficient for the second one, for example, x4 or x5.

Thus, the player in 1 win Lucky Jet, as it were, blocks, closes part of the profit, in other words, puts a lock. Due to this, even if the second bet is lost, it still remains in the black. For example, if he took the first bet at x1.2 odds, he earned 200 rubles. Accordingly, even if he loses the second bet, it will be 100 rubles and he will have another 100 rubles in the black. If the second bet wins, then he will receive another plus of 400-500 rubles.

Lucky Jet 1win

Does this algorithm work in Lucky Jet 1 win? More likely no than yes. Since the online game contains a moment when the character of the game flies from the start. In this case, the players instantly lose both bets. And in order to win back 1,100 rubles later, you need to get at least 5 winning games in a row, while placing bets on both buttons. And this is incredible. Perhaps this Lucky Jet 1win strategy will work better if you use a different bet ratio, such as 3:1.

Powerful strategy Lucky Jet 1win «Game for doubling»

It is more convenient to play according to this strategy in 1win Lucky Jet for one bet, but no one forbids modifying. Make bets on two buttons at once in Lucky Jet, use what additional landmarks. All this can help you improve your game and earn real money in Lucky Jet 1win.

What is the game for doubling in an online casino? This is when you double the amount of the bet after each unsuccessful bet. That is, you started, for example, with 100 rubles and did not have time to withdraw the money. Then the next rate will be for 200 rubles. At the same time, in order for this strategy to work, it is necessary to wait for a coefficient not lower than x2. After you have waited for your x2 and withdrawn the money, you start the game again from the initial amount.

Why is it necessary to wait for x2, which will be provided by Lucky Jet game 1win? Because this strategy will only be profitable if you can double your winnings. For example, you bet 100 rubles, lost. Bet 200 and lost again. Then 400, 800 and even 1600. Everything is negative. But the 6th game for the amount of 3200 gave you x2 coefficient, and you withdrew 6400. Thus, you received 3200 net profit, despite the fact that you lost the same 3000 rubles for 5 bets before. It turns out, according to the total of 6 bets, you are in the black by 200 rubles.

Can I win in the crash game Lucky Jet 1win?

As can be seen from the strategies tested above, it is really possible to win here. Therefore, it is not necessary to say that the Lucky Jet game is a scam. The main thing is to approach this matter wisely. For example, as we can see, the first is a very popular strategy, not so useful. But the second one is the opposite. Since x2 odds in the game Lucky Jet 1win happen quite often, the tactics of the game “Doubling down” can really make a profit.

Are there any winning strategies for Lucky Jet 1win?

Yes, there is. One of them is presented in our article. In addition, there are others, such as Ladder, +100, Antimartingale and more. It is only necessary to carefully check the strategy or the proposed algorithm for Lucky Jet 1win before use, and even if everything suits you, first test it on a small amount. Since the effectiveness of the strategy during the game for real money is affected not only by the given algorithm of actions.

How many about winning in Lucky Jet 1win using a strategy?

The amount depends on the chosen strategy and how well the player uses it. It can be 200 rubles a day, or maybe 20,000 rubles. If you watch the streams of some popular bloggers, then you can see how they consistently earn 3-5 thousand rubles every day in an online casino using strategies for Lucky Jet 1win.

Is it possible to come up with a strategy for Lucky Jet 1win?

Why not? If you are observant enough, are friends with mathematics, then it is quite possible to win over the chances to your side. Even if it's not a very successful strategy, it will still be better than the game of chance in Lucky Jet 1win. Therefore, try, experiment and maybe you will really get a strategy by which this online game will succumb to you.

Is there a universal strategy for playing Lucky Jet 1win?

You can call the Martingale universal strategy, in other words, doubling. Because it is used by everyone and everywhere. But in fact there is no universal strategy for Lucky Jet 1win. This is largely driven by two factors. Firstly, the fact that the game uses a high-quality mechanism that produces random results. Secondly, the same strategy in an online casino can, under the same conditions, bring profit to one player and loss to another.